Semana 10

Desenvolvimento do projeto de editoração da revista científica. Análise dos recursos para a editoração eletrônica.

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- Critérios Qualis para classificação de periódicos – Geraldo Brasileiro - UFMG

– Critérios do CNPq para avaliação de periódicos – Rui Seabra Ferreira Jr - Unesp; ABEC

– Critérios SciELO para indexação de periódicos – Abel Packer - SciELO

Moderador: Benedito Barraviera - Unesp; ABEC

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Leitura sobre a publicação científica:
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Working Party on the Information Economy. Houghton, John . DIGITAL BROADBAND CONTENT: SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING. DSTI/ICCP/IE(2004)11/FINAL. 2005.106 p Disponível em : < >

Drawing on a range of sources, SQW (2004) suggested that editorial and typesetting activities account
for the largest share of journal production costs at approximately 33%, with physical production and
distribution accounting for 23%, refereeing 22%, sales and marketing 13% and subscription management
7%. They estimated that first-copy costs per article range from USD 250 - 2 000, depending upon rejection
rates, with the cost of producing the first copy for a good-to-high-quality journal being approximately USD
1 500. Fixed costs, including first-copy costs, were estimated around USD 1 650 per article and the total
cost of producing an article for a good-to-high-quality journal at USD 2 750, plus a contribution to
overheads and profits (SQW 2004, pp10-15). These costs are similar to those outlined by other analysts
(Tenopir and King 2000; Bergstrom et al. 2002; Dryburgh 2002; etc.). However, it is important to note that
these costs do not include overheads or profits. Blackwell Publishing, one of the largest journal publishers,
with a total of over 600 journals, generated an average revenue from libraries per paper published across
all its journals of USD 1 425 in 2003. If revenue from consortia, copyright fees, advertising, reprints,
supplements, sponsored subscriptions, document delivery and members’ subscriptions are added to this
figure the total average revenue per article for Blackwell in 2003 was just under USD 2 000 (SQW 2004,

Fonte: p. 32

Veja a tabela: Table A3. Production costs: for published research articles

Fonte: p. 83
Source: PLoS (2004), Publishing Open-Access Journals, Public Library of Science, White Paper February 2004, p12. Available at: accessed June 2004.

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